Restaurant Name---Anthony's
Overall Rating --- 6.5
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Tex-Mex is great. But for a guy who grew up in New Mexico, chili is no substitute for chile (red or green), and that's where Anthony's Place in north Fort Worth comes in. A humble hole in the wall in a Meacham Boulevard strip mall nestled between a liquor store and a Subway, Anthony's offers a delicious selection of foods that straddle the line between Tex-Mex and New Mex. You won't find any blue corn tortillas or fry bread there, as you would in many restaurants in New Mexico, but instead familiar standards (burritos, enchiladas, etc.) that come with chile. Simply, it's a delicious reminder of home for folks from Texas' western neighbor that also will suit the palates of the rest of y'all.


Anthony's Place

2400 Meacham Blvd., Fort Worth


Hours: 7 a.m.-2:30 p.m. M-F; also 5-9 p.m. W-F


Ratings (out of 10)


Salsa: 7

Fresh, flavorful, smooth, not chunky-style. A little surprised it didn't feature chile, but very good.


Appetizer: 5

The white queso is hit and miss. One time it was watery, another nice and thick.


Entree: 9

If you're new to the place, enchiladas are recommended. Cheese or chicken with green chile sauce are excellent; if you want beef, try it with red. If you're lucky, the Enchiladas Banderas will be a featured special, and you'll get a little of everything.


Margaritas: N/A

Tequila and me don't get along.


Service: 7

Like the decor, it takes a minimalist approach. Nothing special, other than being prompt and courteous, which is all you need.


Value: 7

On par with prices for a typical local Tex-Mex joint.


Atmosphere: 4

Far-flung, strip mall location works against it. Inside it is plain but inviting enough. Old-style stove and folding chairs give it a homey feel.