By Velton Hayworth

Here are four of my favorites in no certain order.


Lawyers, musicians, doctors, truck drivers, freaks, and geeks--everyone hangs out here. If you live in Fort Worth you must visit Fred's. Terry, the owner, is always pulling a mouth-watering special out of his hat, week after week, but the one thing that has kept everyone coming back through the years is the burgers.

Each patty is hand made at the time it is ordered, so if you expect to be in and out in 20 minutes go somewhere else. But don't worry; same day service is ok when there is plenty of cold beer and friendly folks to converse with while you wait. If you want to knock out a monster appetite, order the Fred Burger (it comes with home cut fries). 

No one knows for sure how much it weighs--I would guess 10 pounds. You will not need to eat for days after putting down this bad boy. And for you non-carnivores Fred's Portobello burger was voted best in town by the Fort Worth Weekly.  Fred's also has a great patio with great local music all through the week.
Again if you are from Fort Worth you must visit Fred’s.



At the risk of becoming a Chubby’s poster boy, I plan on making this place a regular stop. If you are looking to shed a few pounds stay away from the big nasty. The hand-made half-pound fat juicy patty topped with chili, crispy bacon, grilled jalapenos and onions, Monterrey jack, and cheddar cheese on poppy-seed free bun (Thank You!) is anything but nasty.

It should be called the “big messy”… because it is a big messy pile of goodness. I chose to forego the knife and fork and use my claws, leaving a foot-high pile of chili cheese stained napkins.

It’s too bad these guys weren’t open in time for's Best Burger showdown because these guys would definitely have been a contender.

Chubby’s menu offers more than just burgers -- everything from tacos to a grilled chicken sandwich or salad (for those who are watching their waist line) and corndogs and mini burgers for the kids. On my next visit I want to try the pizza burger (half-pound patty topped with marinara sauce, pepperonis and mozzarella cheese). Afterward, I'll crawl into a cave and hibernate.

The game is always on (three flat screens) and beer is always cold ($2.75 18 oz. schooners ), so what are you waiting for. Let's get chubby together!

Chubby’s is located at 7618 Camp Bowie W. Fort Worth.


Love Shack, Chicken Shack, whatever.  Charlie's is truly a shack on the side of the road. You don't go to Charlie's to listen to music, drink beer, or eat some veggie burger. You go to Charlie's to wolf down one of the thickest, tastiest, greasy burgers in town.

Don't worry, Charlie's is very clean with a few tables inside and picnic tables outside on the patio. I usually walk to the window on the patio and order a Project X burger (beef patty marinated in Tabasco sauce topped with grilled onions, jalapeños and cheese) .

I never get fries--the burger is filling all by itself. If you feel the need for a side I would recommend the home made onion rings.  Sometimes I will stop in just for a bag of rings and some fresh iced tea, they are that good. If you are ever in the TCU area or on Old Granbury Road, stop in to Charlie's.  You won't be disappointed!

M & O Grill

Favorite Of Hungover With Chuck

M & O's is a quaint little joint located  few blocks down from the Montgomery Ward plaza in the same building as Leonard's department store museum ( 200 Carroll St. ). 

After 24 years as a chef at the Petroleum Club Danny Badillo decided to start his own business with his wife. Now this is the kind of menu I expect out of a chef, all sorts of creations topped with all the fixin's. You have the Tijuana Burger (stuffed with roasted Poblano peppers and cream cheese and topped with guacamole), which is one of my favorites, and the Blue Cow (stuffed with blue cheese and topped with crispy bacon), just to name two.

Every time that I've visited M & O's Danny has hand crafted and grilled each burger himself. On my last visit I tackled the chili cheeseburger, and--I mean this in the best way--it was a pile of messy goodness, overrunning with chili, topped with cheddar cheese and piled high with fresh lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and onions, served with fresh hand cut fries.

M & O's also runs daily hot plate specials; just call (817)882-8020 to find out what's on the menu. Maybe I will give one of the specials a shot one day, but not until I work my way through the burger menu.  On my next visit I think I might try to dethrone the King George (twice the meat twice the cheese topped off with crispy bacon) and then crawl into a cave and hibernate.

If you would like to throw in your two cents on the beast burger in town drop me a line at I will post your comments.
Thank You


The Love Shack needs to be removed from the Best burger places in Fort Worth, TX. The meat was not cooked enough, a little to pink on the inside. Small burger and to much money for the portion of food you receive. This place is very small,  unless you enjoy to sitting in a one car garage area. This place is very disappointing for dining for a good burger. d4w1


The best burger I’ve had in a very long time would be the Bacon Cheeseburger at Sodo Grill on Houston St downtown. A big thick patty with all the fresh toppings and a grilled bun with fries, salad, or homemade chips at Sodo is a great lunch whether to go or dine in. Not pretentious or ruined with some “make it different” approach, just a great burger in a cool setting. I’m going to have to have one tomorrow now that I’ve thought about it. I think Fred’s used to be top notch before the yuppies moved in and the prices went through the roof, but it’s just not the same since the fire and all the appeal of the dining room went away. I’ve got to say they’re still tasty, but I think Sodo’s got them beat.       Chuck U Farley, esq.

SERIOUSLY: The Best BURGERS in FTW isn't KIncaids..
it's QUICKSAK off VICKERY and CLOVER.. its a little best kept secret.. of the cheapest MEAL DEAL in FTW .. the catch is U have to be there BY 2PM ... or ur out of luck!
TRY IT SOMETIME!.. seriously.. it looks like a shit hole..
but DAMN!.. that is the BEST BURGER in TOWN!.
I had a kincaids burger and it's OK, but it doesn't beat this.
Sent in by.......... Prisci

I'll give a vote to the Hickory burger at Snookie's.  When I moved from Dallas to Fort Worth I was so excited to find out the had a FW location too.  Burger is juicy, bbq sauce is tangy, pickles onion and french style roll make it an awesome burger.  Cool bar to hang out with friends too.
Sent in by........Kevin Beard
So you think kincaids is better than freds?? Man freds is really really good and so is tommys... ugh i want some so bad
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The only place that I have eaten that you mentioned is the Love Shack which my friends and I call it the Yak Shack. About a month ago we were out drinking in North Side and decided to grab a quick burger. I was pretty drunk and all I remember is that the middle of the burger was raw and I yaked it back up on Exchange St later that night. My favorite burger is at Sunny’s Grill located at 3217 North Main St (817.626.3027). It’s a little hole in the wall, but they have the best burger in town and crinkle fries.
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Darren Ladouceur

Hello ,
I've been in the burger business for about 15 years and I must say, I've been to quite a few burger places. And with my 15 years experience, I would have to say that my two favorite burger places are..... Ready for this?? Neither one of these are listed on this site. 1) Dutch's on university. Kiddy corner across from TCU, this place has some amazing burgers. Hand made, cooked to order and fresh produce. If you go here, check out the linebacker. Double meat, double cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and grilled onions. Bring a pen and a piece of paper, you will need to write down a plan of attack on this bad boy. It's HUGE!!!!! And. very good prices too.
2) Chubbies burger shack on camp Bowie. Really neat atmosphere. Live music, hand made, fresh cooked burgers here as well. They have a variety of different sandwiches here. And don't forget the ice cold beer here either.
Anyway, eat up and enjoy!!


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