Cantina Laredo
Sent In By Simone MacDonald

In Fort Worth we love the new hot spot and most will try it once even if it is not. Please let me save you time and money and skip Cantina Laredo!The problem is that if you can’t do it right you will be shunned. Letting the shunning begin.Cantina Laredo is at best a recycled concept of yuppie no name atmosphere and mediocre food and I am being kind. I love a new hot spot and will promote a place that does it right but from the time I walked in the door I wanted more and not in a good way.To have this location you are blessed located at 530 Throckmorton, Fort Worth, TX, 76102Downtown and fabulous. The Décor is better on the outside then in. The food is bland to get to the point bad Mexican has no business in Fort Worth; poorly done wood panels a foe black ceiling and the feel of any where USA is never a good idea for your indoor decor. The only thing that seems to make it Cantina Laredo, Cantina Laredo are the huge ripe inviting avocados in a bowl on the table. This passive up sell  made me want the table side gauc. The waiter who complained about it being his tenth in a row did not however make this staple seem inviting or worth it. I ordered and it was what you would expect but it was not made with the large ripe pretty avocados on the table but a much smaller relative. The Thursday night drink special ladies night half price margaritas where great on the rocks but left the rip off feeling on the frozen as did the table side gauc. If you like Val vita you’ll love the queso I however do not and did not. The Tortillas on the other hand were tasty and seemed fresh and may have been the best item not on the menu.I enjoy great food and if you can provide either good food or service I may forgive the other but on a Thursday night a half filled restaurant should always be good. The tortilla soup was sent back and hopefully will never return. It seemed to be canned tomatoes soup I think with an avocado slice thrown in for décor and at a luke warm temperature sounds tasty right. The Cantina Laredo platter is your basic taste all tamale, Cheese Chili Relleno, Chicken enchilada, Beef taco al carbon with rice and beans. They were accommodating on wanting to substitute cheese on the enchilada.  I won’t bore you with the full details but the entrée was split and there was plenty left on the plate it was boring and after a couple bites I had to stop wasn’t worth the calories or the act of chewing. The dry tamale to the bland sauces there wasn’t a single item that wowed me. The Chef did stop by to ask how the meal was I mentioned my disappointment in the pablono cream sauce not having any pablano in it and was told “the peppers sometimes run out later in the evening” it was 8pm. This may seem unfair but I will give props to the desert and coffee. The Chocolate cake was moist tasty goodness but isn’t made there it is brought in and the coffee was fresh a had a touch of cinnamon . Overall I would never recommend Cantina laredo from the poor service to the bland food not even a $4 margarita could sway me back to this place that held so much promise but in the end bad Mexican is bad Mexican no matter how cool your location is.

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