By Ken Shimamoto 

My sweetie discovered this place while traversing the neighborhood near where she works on her bike. Located amid the auto repair shops at 2720 White Settlement Road, just a couple blocks east of the FWISD administration building, this classic working stiff’s joint is open daily from 4am to 4pm.  

Anthony Mariani wrote in the FW Weekly’s “Best of 2008” issue that “You’re losing money by not eating breakfast or lunch at this side-o’-the-road shack every day” after encountering the Daybreak’s double burger with cheese, a substantial feast equivalent in heft and flavor to the two perennial champeens in the Foat Wuth burger stakes (that’d be Fred’s and Kincaid’s, if you’re from Not Around Here) but less than half the price of either at $2.80. (In fairness to fonky Fred’s, the burger at Daybreak doesn’t come with fries, but y’know…) What you don’t get at Daybreak that you do at the other two aforementioned j’ints is “atmosphere,” but the Daybreak’s quality and price make it an outstanding value in these economically uncertain times. 

Our weekend fave, however – supplanting the sausage rolls from the donut shop in the old neighborhood, sigh -- is the breakfast burritos, which she’ll pick up along with a Sunday paper on the way back from her morning ride. They’re both generous (the phrase that pays appears to be “the size of your head”) and reasonably priced and come stuffed to bursting with enough protein to get you through an afternoon’s worth of yard work (in her case) or sitting in front of the ‘puter staring into space (in mine). We can never choose between the bacon and sausage, so we wind up doing one of each apiece, which guarantees we won’t need to think about dinner until much later in the evening.