Gutterth Productions’ Gutterth Compilation One 

By Ken Shimamoto 

How cool is this: A double CD compilation of local bands that you can download free from the label’s website. But wait, it gets even better: The compilation’s a corker, a diverse array of sounds with nary a clunker among its 34 tracks. Hooray! 

Gutterth Productions is the rubric adopted by Michael Briggs and Brent Frishman, two music-loving buds from Carrollton. They promote shows and release albums by bands they dig. So far, they’ve done shows at pretty much every indie-friendly venue in Dallas and Denton. Their next one, Episode XXIV, will be August 14th at Rubber Gloves, featuring New Science Projects, Baptist Generals frontguy Chris Flemmons, RTB2, and Kaleo Kaualoku. Their catalog includes discs by New Science Projects, Daniel Folmer, Malise, Parata, and Sean Kirkpatrick. Their product’s available at Good Records in Dallas, Recycled Books and Strawberry Fields in Denton, and via iTunes and Emusic as well as at shows and via the Gutterth website. 

Compilation One has a heavy Denton art vibe, comparable to the Pyramid Scheme’s Long Con Compilation from a couple of years back – it’s really that consistent. At the same time, it’s such a mixed bag that it’s impossible to categorize, so rather than giving any of the 34 performers (including 817 residents RTB2/Ryan Thomas Becker, The Great Tyrant, and The House Harkonnen) short shrift, here’s an array of three-word observations for your edification and enjoyment (and because it amuses me). The first disc:  

Emil Rapstine – Moody folk balladry.

MOM – Delicate wintery atmospherics.

New Science Projects – Bent Appalachian gospel.

Knee Pad – Crunchy screamo rifferama.

Glen Farris – Depresso somnambulist waltz.

Silk Stocking – Brechtian apocalyptic cabaret.

Daniel Folmer – Sweet melodic pop.

Shiny Around the Edges – Ethereal freak folk.

Fair to Midland – Floats, then pummels.

The Lights of Dragna – Dynamic instrumental rockarama.

Sparlin, Jessels – Gentle rustic whimsy.

RTB2 – Lo-fi experimental Zep-ism.

Sean Kirkpatrick – Hallucinatory dreamscape songster.

The Timeline Post – Sumptuous choral psychedelia.

Shaolin Death Squad – Orchestral operatic prog.

Parata – Slapdash synth glam.

Dust Congress – Soaring Britfolk hymn. 

And the second:  

The Great Tyrant – Grand Guignol menace.

Sarah Renfro – Bluesy folk diva.

The International – Waitsian saloon balladry.

Florene – Spacey motorik jamz.

The Spectacle – Unironic metal thunder.

Tex Winters – Wobbly Rokyesque rant.

The Alexander – Roiling 6/8 passion.

Delmore Pilcrow – Sleepy, loping pastoralism.

Joey Kendall – Religious obsessed poesy.

Miss Celia – Winsome nature gal.

The House Harkonnen – Blistering black metal.

The Heartstring Stranglers – Mutated klezmer swing.

Real Live Tigers – Urban existentialist duo.

Ryan Thomas Becker – Tremulous devotional balladry.

Sunnybrook – Enervated Ambien anthem.

room 101 – Galloping minimalist fury.

Will E Lee – Gangling balladic benediction. 

So there! All in all, it’d be hard to imagine a better way to expand your musical horizons on the cheap.