Hungover With Chuck

Okay, I don't know how well this is going to work because I am a lazy bastard at heart. This could be a one timer, but hopefully not. If you added up all the time that Velton( He runs the site ) and I spent talking about this website it would be weeks. I occasionally feel like I have something to say and suggest I contribute, but what? The urge passes and I go back to sitting on my couch watching the Cubs. As usual we are hanging out in the pool taking in the lovely scenery and cooling off from the 98-degree beating. Once again the topic of this website comes up. Well I know three things, boozing, hockey, and comfort food. I am not a writer because the last thing I want to do while I am boozing is writing. Talking about boozing makes me want to booze and I'll forget about the writing. The only way anything about hockey would get published on this site is if Velton were in a coma. When I publish the NHL article I will also tell you where to send V cards and flowers. That leaves us with the food. Although I am not schooled at all in the culinary arts, but I know what the body craves. Anyone who has ever met me knows that I don't deny my body when it craves pretty much anything. That being said I suggested to Velton was I hold a discussion regarding hangover food. Everyone has their place(s) they go when they are worse for wear to rejuvenate and comfort their ailing bodies from the previous nights boozing.  I would like to open up this discussion by mentioning the Queso Flameado at El Asadero.

Presently my hangover go to meal and its $5! There's enough for two but if you were hanging and ready to pig out I wouldn't share. Melted asadero cheese, with onions, peppers, and chorizo. Of course tortillas come with it. I spread it out on the tortilla and put a layer of salsa on top of it then roll it up like a cigar. Don't roll it to tight though; have you seen that Seinfeld episode???  The relief is immediate, so tasty, so gooey, and greasy. What really compliments the Queso is a cold Horchata (pronounced or-CHA-tah). It’s on the menu at El Asadero, but they never have it. Velton and I are pretty much regulars there and not once have they had it. Fortunately the stand a half block south of there Taqueria Acapulco has it, $2. For those who have not experienced the Horchata bliss it’s a mixture of vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, and usually rice. It’s milky in consistency and is often referred to as the drink of the gods. After you are done with that one go home and take a nap!

If you have a place that you go to nurse your hangover I am very interested in hearing about it. Don't leave the house and have a recipe that cures what ails ya? I would love to hear that too. Email me also check out El Asadero's menu, they do much more than cure my hangovers 


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