Jesus BBQ

By Velton Hayworth

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About 20 years ago I stumbled into Jesus BBQ for the first time at about 2 in the morning after a night of boozing and debauchery and had one the best chicken fried steaks that I had ever had. I have enjoyed grub at many late night eateries only to visit again during the day and realize that the food… well, is not that good. (With some booze-dead taste buds and an empty stomach even Subway is edible.) I have been back to Jesus many times since for lunch (And yes, I was sober.), and guess what, it is still one of the best chicken fried steaks that I have ever had. Unfortunately Jesus is no longer open late-night--the new hours are Monday thru Saturday 10 to 10. The C. F. S. is stacked two high and topped with thick, white, creamy gravy and comes with fries, side salad, rolls and a side of chips and hot sauce all for $8.62. After all the home made salsa and rolls I usually do not have room for the second patty, so I take it and enjoy it later after the night's boozing (too old for debauchery). It's not the same without the juke box and the table chatter but it will have to do.

Jesus Borja opened his restaurant in 1970 and to this day it is still family owned and operated. The decor probably hasn't changed much since--I know it hasn't since I have been going--but that is what gives Jesus its charm. The old juke box by the front door is full of classic favorites from Johnny Cash to Patsy Kline, Selina to Steely Dan, and Red Hot Chili Peppers to The Toadies. The menu is just as diverse: enchiladas, tacos, barbacoa, roasted chicken, catfish and of course, chicken fried steak. Jesus is the perfect stop before hitting the free Saturday tasting and tour at Rahr & Sons Brewery just a block away. I love this place and so will you I guarantee. Come on, homemade chips and salsa with your chickened fried steak… that should be Texas law. Jesus BBQ is located at 810 N Main St., 817.332.0168. Hope to see you there!

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